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Bicycling has become a popular way to travel within the District. The majority of people biking and driving prefer the separation between bikes and motor vehicles through protected facilities, such as those installed on 15   Street NW and Pennsylvania Avenue NW. To increase safety and mobility within the District, DDOT is looking to implement protected bike lanes within the following three (3) corridors:

Welcome to the District Department of Transportation's (DDOT)'s

Protected Bike Lanes Project

Eastern Downtown: Two-way bidirectional protected bike lane on either 6   Street NW or 9  Street NW between Florida Avenue NW and Pennsylvania Avenue NW.

Crosstown: Two-way bidirectional protected bike lanes on Irving Street NE/NW between Michigan Avenue NE and Kenyon Street NW and parking protected bike lanes along 5   Street NW/Park Place NW between Grant Circle and Kenyon Street NW & 7   Street NW/Warder Street NW between New Hampshire Avenue NW and Kenyon Street NW.



20th/21st/22nd St NW: Protected bike lanes on 20  , 21  Street NW or 22   Street NW.

Protected bike lanes help meet the following District goals:




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