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Project Resources


What's New?!

February 2017: Final Report and Selected Alternatives

The final report documents existing conditions, defines the project purpose and need; documents the development of preliminary alternatives, and the highlights the impact of each alternative across the transportation network.

Click below to see the 2 alternatives advancing to 30% design.

Report cover for the Eastern Downtown Protected Bike Lane Feasibility Study.

Preliminary Alternatives

Click picture to enlarge.

No Build Option
Alternative 1
Alternative 2
Alternative 3
Alternative 4

February Community Meeting

Saturday, February 6, 2016

12 - 4pm - KIPP DC Will Academy Auditorium

421 P St. NW, DC

Download Meeting Flyer

Noon-1:00 PM - Open House and Sign in for Speaking
1:00-1:30 - Opening Remarks and Presentation
1:30-3:25 - Public Oral Comment Period
3:25-3:30 - Closing Remarks

Note: Display Boards and Maps will be located in the hallway, separate from the public comment room and will be available for viewing continuously from Noon to 3:30

The preliminary alternatives were shown at the meeting, as well as the following boards:

Diagrams of the impacts to parking for the 4 alternatives.
Side-by-side comparison of the 4 alternatives with quick stats for each.
Matrix of the no build and four alternatives

Click pictures to enlarge.


Boards from October Open House

Maps & Data

Click picture to enlarge.

Study Area Basemap
Average Daily Traffic
by Vehicle Class
Existing Bike Network
Peak Hour Bike Volumes
AM Bike Volumes
PM Bike Volumes
Bike Commuting
Capital Bikeshare Trips
AM Transit Frequency
by Direction
PM Transit Frequency
By Direction
AM Transit Ridership
PM Transit Ridership
Existing Land Use
AM Pedestrian Volume
PM Pedestrian Volume
Curbside Parking
Parking Capacity
Mid Week 10AM-2PM
Parking Capacity
Mid Week 6:30PM-10PM
Parking Capacity
Saturday 12PM-4PM
Parking Capacity
Sunday 10AM-2PM
Show More
Existing Bike Network